Residential Monthly Bin Cleaning

Residential Monthly Bin Cleaning

From: $35.00 / month

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Bins So Clean Monthly Service guarantees the highest level of protection against harmful, illness causing bacteria and odors. Cleanings occur the day after your bin(s) are emptied by your trash hauler once a month, every month, for your convenience.* Bin(s) emptied on Friday, will be cleaned same day unless there are unforeseen delays by your trash hauler. In the event schedules conflict it will be rescheduled for another day.
*Additional cleanings can be arranged within the month. Please contact our residential services by phone (833.694.2467) or email to arrange this service option.

Add additional Trash, Recycling, or Yard/Organic waste bins for just $10/each!

Select the number of each bin you would like us to clean, then click Sign Up to get started!
Keep in mind, if you have rotating collection schedules between your Recycle and Yard/Organic bins, ALL BINS must be empty and will be cleaned on the same day.

Each address must have their own subscription.  Please do not combine cleanings at multiple addresses.

If you don’t wish to have a particular type of bin cleaned, please select “None” from the dropdown for that bin type.

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If you are looking for a one-time bin cleaning, please purchase our One-Time Cleaning service by clicking here.

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